Lab coat disposable, size L, white, 1ud (Color: white, Weight: 30 g/m², Size: L)

Lab coat disposable, size L, white, 1ud

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Available in JULY 2020

Sanit3M portable UV disinfection lamp

Product no.: SANIT3M001

The SANIT3M portable UV disinfection lamp provides practical and effective protection against germs, viruses, bacteria, mites and molds in your home, business or office

Used regularly on the surfaces of your home, office, hair salon, stores, etc. To disinfect (in addition to regular cleaning), it will protect people without using sprays or harsh chemicals.
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Product no.: 26092

Surgical polythene gown with neck and waist laces and cotton cuff.
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Lab-coat for women

Product no.: RBB009

Lab-coat for women
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Measuring cylinders

Product no.: 177000003

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Product no.: 177000002

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Zuzi spectrophotometer 4201/50 (Type: Zuzi 4201/50, Bandwidth: 5 nm)


Digital adjustment of wavelength
Wavelength range: 200-1000 nm
Band width: 5 nm
Reading: absorbance, transmittance and concentration (standard curve method)
Compartment for 4 cells of 10 mm (external exchanger)
Includes 4 glass cells and 2 quartz cells, 10 mm pathlength
USB and parallel ports
MWave Basic Software included
Manual power switch 110V/220V

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Analytical balance

Product no.: KBF001

Analytical balance
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Analogical stirrer w/heating RSLAB-1C, porcelain

Product no.: LBB003


Plate porcelain enamel
Analog control of speed and T
Protection for overheating
Volume max.: 20L
Max. temp.: RT-340°C
Speed: 0-1500rpm
Ø (plate): 135mm
Protection: IP42
Not admit external T probe
Dimensions: 280x160x85mm
Power supply: 200-240VAC, 50/60Hz

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New SRY56211UD-1600

Product no.: SRY56211UD-1600

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New FFP2 FILTERING MASK, Six-layer -box of 20 (4 bags of 5)

Product no.: 20740

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