Measuring cylinders

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Product no.: 177000002

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Zuzi spectrophotometer 4201/50 (Type: Zuzi 4201/50, Bandwidth: 5 nm)


Digital adjustment of wavelength
Wavelength range: 200-1000 nm
Band width: 5 nm
Reading: absorbance, transmittance and concentration (standard curve method)
Compartment for 4 cells of 10 mm (external exchanger)
Includes 4 glass cells and 2 quartz cells, 10 mm pathlength
USB and parallel ports
MWave Basic Software included
Manual power switch 110V/220V

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Analytical balance

Product no.: KBF001

Analytical balance
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Analogical stirrer w/heating RSLAB-1C, porcelain

Product no.: LBB003


Plate porcelain enamel
Analog control of speed and T
Protection for overheating
Volume max.: 20L
Max. temp.: RT-340°C
Speed: 0-1500rpm
Ø (plate): 135mm
Protection: IP42
Not admit external T probe
Dimensions: 280x160x85mm
Power supply: 200-240VAC, 50/60Hz

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